An artist has no home in Europe save in Paris (Nietzsche)

She is a young, aspiring artist living in Paris. She is in love with her city, its effervescence and eclecticism which constantly inspire her.

Located in a 19th century building, her one room apartment is a chic mix of furnishings that mirrors her enthusiastic and daring personality, as well as her romantic side. Though the place is rather small, with a total surface of 35.7 sqm, she didn't hesitate to move away from the safe recipes for small space. Instead she preferred character, accomplished by associating objects with different styles, old and new, iconic and unknown, but also by employing strong colors and patterns to create powerful contrasts. She personally created a unique piece for her bedroom.

This place is bright, stylish and has all the comfort and amenities of a modern home. Plus a terrace for the morning coffee and croissant. Parisian style.

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