Tales from the North

There are few moments that grant us the opportunity to get in touch with our inner child, regardless of our age.

Christmas is probably a favourite since, among others, it has the great quality of "happening" every year. It is a moment of joy and tenderness, a time to give and receive, perfect for stories and games. And we simply love to adorn our homes, so they will reflect that cozy, happy, playful feeling within us.

Naturally I seized this opportunity to play, yet again, with small details and create a cozy reading corner that, though using a modern language, gives off the same holiday feel that animates my childhood memories. Nothing like a comfortable chair by the fire, surrounded by books and cute, funny little decorations (which could come to life any moment), while watching the enchanted winter landscape.

I just love Scandinavians' creativity when they decorate for Christmas and that they make heavy use of handmade/DIY ornaments and natural materials. It is a light, playful style, less formal, which focuses on the story and the emotion, rather then form perfection.

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Tales from the North